Major news today!!! Leash Law has signed a 2 album deal with Black Lotus records in Greece!!

Official Press Release:

"BLACK LOTUS RECORDS is welcoming in itís ranks the brand new powerful heavy metal band, LEASH LAW!!!

This mean US metal machine is a superstar band consisting of the finest material of virtuosos:
Wade Black-vocals (ex-CRIMSON GLORY / SEVEN WITCHES)
Emo Mowery-guitar (ex-NOCTURNUS)
Rick Renstrom-guitar (ROB ROCK e.t.c.)
Stephen Elder-bass (ROB ROCK)!!

Their -yet untitled- debut album will come out in February and be sure that this one will set new standards on the heavy metal scene worldwide! Exploding, powerful, melodic, dramatic, amazing!!
When you have the most exquisite ingredients then you are condemned to create a masterpiece!!!"

Also, In case you havent heard around the internet..I will touring with Rob Rock to Japan for 3 shows in January and a tour in March with Primal Fear and Brainstorm visiting 10 countries in Europe!! I cant wait to see you all again..Take care and check back soon..


Excellent News!! "Until The Bitter End" has jumped on Burrn! magazine's Import Albums chart at #21.

Click here for a scan. Thanks to Hiroshi for the news and scan!!

Very important news still coming..keep checking back. It will be worth it!


Tiwanaku MP3 site is up and running!! Check it out!!

Click here


Just dusting off a bit over here..added the new logo and some new pics on the front have been updated and I have added a Bang Your Head gallery with some cool photos. I've been very busy with Leash Law and Tiwanaku right now. Major news within the month..Stay tuned for more details..



Wow! It has been busy..Non-stop since I got back from Germany. Bang Your Head was a totally incredible show. We started our set around 11:45am and drew a huge crowd of almost 7000 screaming Metal fans. I got to meet a lot of very cool people including Mat Sinner(our first face-to-face meeting) and the rest of Primal Fear. Ronni Le Tekro of TNT, Jorn Lande, Udo Dirkschneider, Joacim, Oscar and Stefan of Hammerfall, John Sykes, Craig Goldie and Jimmy Bain(Dio) and many other great people.

I definetly have to thank Horst Odermatt, Jagger, Jurgen(our driver), Martin Rompp, Mark Gromen, Mario van Dooren, Bill Peters and Destructor, Maria and the girls from the Hahfenbahn(rip), Rainer and Matthias Mittelstadt and all the great fans whom I got to meet and hang out with during the weekend. Im hoping to go back next year for my solo record..

In other news, Leash Law and Tiwanaku are about to take off. A ton of interest has poured in and you should be seeing albums out by both bands very soon. The Tiwanaku promo demo has been completed and I can guarantee you will be shocked when you hear it. I still cant believe it. I will post a web address soon with details on how to recieve a copy.

Leash Law will be entering the studio to start work on the debut album in the next 3 months. Currently, I've counted a total of 12 songs and we will start pre-production very soon. Get ready for a classic album that will surely take you back in time and thrust you into the future of metal.

Website news..I've added a discography page and working on listing the reviews and interviews.

Rob Rock's new website is up. A very tight and user friendly layout. Check it out..plenty of new stuff to check out!

OK..thats it for me. I'll try and update again at the beginning of next month..


The release is out! Finally! It's been a long time coming and I cant wait to hear your reactions. Ive heard a few concerns about Mascot only accepting cash from those who want to use credit cards. Problem Solved! I have found 2 sites that accept credit cards and have my record in stock:

Impulse Music $12.99

DreamDisc(Import) $18.00

Please let me know if you see any other sites like this. I will add it to the Order section.

I've got quite a few interviews this week. I will post a list of all the magazines I spoke with.

More news soon..


Less than 2 weeks left and "Until The Bitter End" will be released for all of Europe.

The release date is June 9th, 2003. You can pick it up at most stores throughout Europe.

You can also Order the CD if you would like to recieve it by mail.

Bang Your Head festival is still a "GO" and I'm looking forward ot shredding for you!

Also, I will be with Rob Rock at the Lost and Found Nightclub(Longwood, FL) on June 14th.

I have quite a few interviews scheduled the next few weeks for the record. I'll post a list for you to keep your eye on.

In other news, I have agreed to record guitar solos for "Tiwanaku" featuring Emo Mowery(Nocturnus) and Wade Black(Crimson Glory). The music is extremely heavy and also has Richard Christy(Iced Earth) on the drums. More info to come..


Here I am..Back Again..lots of news..I'll hit the highlights for you..

The album has been complete for may weeks now and we are currently doing final edits for the CD cover and booklet. It looks amazing and very original..The cover can really take your breath away its so realistic looking..which leads me to..

June 9th, 2003 is THE release date for "Until The Bitter End"..which is actually my birthday too! big celebrations will be happening..Almost There!!!  I'll keep you posted on that one..

I WILL be at Bang Your Head festival appearing with Rob Rock..June 26th+27th..I look forward to seeing many of you there!

Lastly, Wade Black and I have formed a band called Leash Law. Joining us on Bass is Stephen Elder and on drums, Richard Christy(Iced Earth, Death, Burning Inside). A website has been posted along with a few audio clips..Please take the time to check it out!

Stay Tuned..More news to come much faster now..Take care!

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